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Skills for Industry

Erina Macdonald – Crasborn Group Ltd.

The training can be offered as pre-employment or in-work training, and programmes can be delivered by providers or employers.

Erina Macdonald – Crasborn Group Ltd.

"Investing in people" is the philosophy behind one of Hawkes Bay's largest family-run apple export companies.

Crasborn Group Ltd. in conjunction with Work and Income are offering employees a programme to provide industry specific training. Designed for horticultural employees, this employer development programme was launched at the start of 2011 and has gained WI funding for 20 applicants.

Crasborn's HR Employment Coordinator Erina Macdonald says for a business like Crasborn's, their workforce needs more than just practical orchard training, so by investing in staff with the Skills for Industry subsidy, each participant can build ongoing employment opportunities for themselves once the season finishes.

Twenty employees have been accepted onto the programme. Erina believes it's a 'win-win' platform as company productivity is boosted and the individuals benefit on both personal and professional levels.

Crasborn Group Ltd. was founded by Jack Crasborn 30 years ago and is now run by his three sons. Brothers Eddie, Ricks and Lou Crasborn have worked together to grow their business into one of the largest of its kind in New Zealand. The trio own and lease orchards, ensuring their fruit is packed, stored, transported and marketed to meet exacting world standards.

If you have any questions about the Skills for Industry subsidy or want to find out whether your job opportunity meets the criteria email us at [email protected] or, contact: Employer Line on 0800 778 008.

The Skills for Industry subsidy addresses skills shortages faced by industries. This is done by supporting clients to gain employment skills or training tailored specifically to industry sector requirements. The aim  is to provide industry with candidates who are specifically trained to the industry entry-level requirements and to enable Work and Income clients to access and keep employment that becomes sustainable.

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