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China Trade

Business Hawke's Bay's China Programme is committed to increasing the capacity of local businesses to engage successfully with China. We offer a range of services designed to assist you to grow trade with this market.

November Market Tour

An intensive nine-day tour designed to provide participants with the tools to succeed in China.

November's market tour is designed to give you firsthand knowledge of market structure from both a trade and consumer perspective. By understanding the environment in which your brand exists, you will be better placed to achieve long term, sustainable success.

Click here to view more information about the tour including contents and itinerary.

China Trade Advisor


Business Hawke's Bay employs a China trade specialist who is happy to provide advice on all aspects of doing business in China. If we are not able to assist directly we will be able to provide a referral to someone with expertise in the area of your enquiry.

If you are new to China or already in the market but looking to improve your performance or widen your network contact Business Hawke's Bay now to set up a meeting. Email Jim Poppelwell at [email protected]

China Trader Community


Business Hawke's Bay is in contact with a diverse range of local companies doing business in China or with Chinese companies. Many businesspeople have amassed a wealth of experience and all are constantly learning as the business environment changes.

We hold regular bi-monthly meetings for China traders to provide a forum for knowledge sharing and discussion, often including presentations of particular relevance to attendees.

Email Jim Poppelwell at [email protected] to find out more. 

China Trade News

In a highly competitive business environment market knowledge is a key foundation of success. Business Hawke's Bay sends out monthly China trade newsletters that provide information on recent market developments. To keep up to date with trade-related developments and Business Hawke's Bay's China Programme email Jim Poppelwell at [email protected] to sign up.