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Business Relocation

Looking to relocate?

  • Improve your bottom line
  • Gain efficiency in your supply chain
  • Stabilise your workforce
  • Reduce transport and travel cost and time
  • Lower fixed and variable costs across your business
  • Reduce the time it takes for you to receive imported goods
  • Gain support from local business networks and council
  • Be part of an active, innovative, sustainable business community

You and your business should consider relocating to Hawke's Bay.

Local Councils:

Does Relocation Sound a Big Ask?

Engaging Business Hawke's Bay is the easiest way to make discreet and confidential enquiries in regard to relocation. Our Business Attraction team will support you and your business through the relocation process.

Tailored Support Solution for Relocation

From your initial enquiry, Business Hawke's Bay will provide a tailored support solution specific to your business requirements. Engaging Business Hawke's Bay enables you to undertake investigating relocation with minimal distraction, allowing you to continue working on your business. Our attraction team will consult with you throughout the investigation to ensure the information you are provided, will enable you to make an informed decision. Contact Us

Need advice for you and your family as you settle here? Contact Settlement Support.

Tailored Support Solution

Business Hawke's Bay can provide your business:

  • Property information including new build, refurbishment and existing commercial alternatives
  • Support and introductions to enable you to work cohesively with local government
  • Distribution options to ensure supply chain efficiency
  • Assistance with human resource requirementsIntroduction to local business service suppliers
  • Business support via our local Business Support Network
  • Relocation planning
  • Due diligence reporting to realise the benefit of relocation

Regional Business Information: