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Looking to Relocate?

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Relocating Your Business 

Looking to relocate?

We will work with you to arrange the best time to visit Hawke's Bay and begin the process of finding the ideal property that will suit your family's needs.

Let us do the hard work for you.

Contact the team at Build in Hawke's Bay. Our free, confidential service provides all the information and support you need to help make the move to Hawke's Bay, EASY.

Simply contact us and we will send you an introductory pack of information and a questionnaire that will help guide us to source new build options, specific to your family and lifestyle requirements.

Our confidential, complementary service includes:

  • Sourcing new build packages tailored to suit your family
  • Locating education and child care facilities
  • Engaging local recruitment agencies to support your employment needs
  • Introducing you to personal bankers representing your bank of choice
  • Identifying businesses for sale, if a new business venture is of interest
  • Locating appropriate subsidised accommodation options, for when you visit Hawke's Bay
  • Providing discounted air flights to Hawke's Bay, to assist you to find the right location to build (conditions apply).
  • Arranging an itinerary for your visit to Hawke's Bay so you gain the most out of your trip.
  • A free taxi service when you visit Hawke's Bay to view the properties that interest you, introduce you to local builders to allow you time to talk through your house specification, visit the education facilities you are considering and take in a tour of the local area so you can see what a move to Hawke's Bay can offer your family.