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The ICEHOUSE starts move into Hawke's Bay

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Kate de Lautour

                                                The ICEHOUSE starts move into Hawke’s Bay

The ICEHOUSE Business Growth Centre, based in Auckland, has entered stage one of a move to offer services in Hawke’s Bay, following an approach from Business Hawke’s Bay to consider a satellite office here.

Recognised by Forbes.com as one of the world’s top ten business incubators, the ICEHOUSE is focussed on the programmes, resources, funding and networks it takes to build successful businesses. 

 Over the past four months representatives from The ICEHOUSE have followed a market validation process to better understand what local businesses need to succeed.

The aim is to offer a range of tailored programmes provided by a mix of local resources - and partnering with local business service providers - backed by the experience of The ICEHOUSE to help business owners succeed. 

The Project Lead from The ICEHOUSE, Peter Wogan, said the immediate focus was to help at least ten businesses.

“We are in the first phase of the plan that will take us through to March 2013 with the immediate focus on helping at least 10 local businesses take the next step by seeing the benefits of the programmes, expertise and network of The ICEHOUSE.”

The ICEHOUSE has taken on the responsibility of delivering 1,000 of the 3,000 firms needed to get New Zealand in the top half of the OECD by 2020 - and works with a range of small and medium enterprises from start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises.

Business Hawke’s Bay board members Hamish Whyte (Furnware) and Robert Darroch (FPG)  have been involved in the drive to bring The ICEHOUSE to Hawke’s Bay.

Mr Whyte said The ICEHOUSE had made a significant impact on the success of Furnware and  would bring  invaluable support for businesses of all sizes.

“This is world class and it's going to be the first hub outside of Auckland,” Mr Whyte said.


“The ICEHOUSE has a national network that each company can benefit from and this collaborative group of people and companies is very energetic -  it’s infectious.”

Business Hawkes Bay business development manager Michaela Vodanovich said Hawke’s Bay needed to showcase a positive business environment in order to attract more business to the region.

“In the few months that The ICEHOUSE have been speaking with local businesses, the enthusiasm for the commercial support that can be provided, has been positive. 

“We have a number of owner-managers in Hawke’s Bay who have seen their businesses transform since working with The ICEHOUSE. 

“Business owners, such as Hamish Whyte and Robert Darroch (FPG) speak volumes about the positive impact The ICEHOUSE and its networks can bring to a business.

“This coupled with the fact that The ICEHOUSE will utilise local specialists, provides a proactive step forward, in our efforts to grow our local economy.”



For more details please contact:       

Michaela Vodanovich, Business Development Manager, Business Hawke’s Bay Mobile: 021 36 56 78 or 06 876 5938 ext 708

Peter Wogan,  [email protected] or on 021 801 440.  

About the Icehouse:


  • Since 2001 The ICEHOUSE has worked with over 3,500 ambitious owner managers – from start-ups, to established multi-million dollar companies. This has helped raise over $50million in capital, accelerating business growth and driving wealth creation.
  • The ICEHOUSE was co-founded by former Hawke’s Bay business leader David Irving.
  • The ICEHOUSE is backed by the financial support and expertise of BNZ, HP, Microsoft, Telecom, Boston Consulting Group, Chapman Tripp, Carter Holt Harvey and Deloitte.



About Business Hawkes Bay:


  • 65% funded privately, 35% from local government
  • Work is completed on a project by project basis
  • Business Hawke’s Bay Board is made up of private sector business leaders
  • Business Hawke’s Bay is a collaborative model of EDA, governed by the Board and supported by an Advisory Group Committee.