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Business travellers given a voice in new commuter survey

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Business Hawke's Bay

Hawke’s Bay business travellers are being asked to share their experiences and suggestions in a new online commuter survey to give those who travel for business a voice.

The survey has been created by Business Hawke’s Bay as part of its Business Connectivity Programme, a year-long project to enhance business connectivity between Hawke’s Bay, the rest of New Zealand, and beyond.

“Ultimately this project is about growing the pie, and ensuring we have sustainable choices in the region for air travellers,” says Carolyn Neville, BHB business connectivity project manager. ““With choice in the air travel space, more businesses are now able to connect with other businesses, to develop and maintain the personal connections that are so important to business growth and success.

“The project looks at how business-led economic growth could be positively impacted and stimulated by business travel brought about by choices in air travel, and extended regional services. In turn, this business growth could lead to new jobs, contracts and sales opportunities,” she says.

Business travellers are being encouraged to sign up for the survey at a new website - hawkesbaylandingpad.co.nz.

Click here for more and to download the full media release in pdf format.