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Food Sector Strategy for Hawkes Bay

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Kate de Lautour

Hawke’s Bay food businesses will benefit from a collaborative food sector strategy which aims to ultimately increase the region’s value-added exports, driving growth and stability.

The strategy has been scoped following a stakeholder process with business growth organisation, the Icehouse. Stakeholders include; Food Hawke’s Bay, Business Hawke’s Bay, NZFIN, Massey University, EIT and HDC.

Business Hawke’s Bay CEO Susan White said roles would be integrated between Food Hawke’s Bay and Business Hawke’s Bay with both organisations sharing governance and ownership of the Hawke’s Bay Food Sector Strategy.

“We are aiming to strengthen and energise the connections between both organisations based on current resources.”

Food Hawke’s Bay will maintain current activity with responsibility for the Farmers’ Market and provide one-on-one assistance for new entrants into small food businesses.   As businesses grow out of this stage they will be passed to Business Hawke’s Bay for support.

Business Hawke’s Bay will work with medium and larger size businesses to advise and direct for funding grants, capability gaps and service providers within the region.

Food Hawke’s Bay chairman Phil Pollett said each organisation would make referrals based on the best fit for individual businesses .

“Both organisations will work with the willing, with Food Hawke’s Bay working at grass roots level, and accepting all referrals and contacts made directly to each organisation, utilising the strengths and relationships each has, where most relevant to any single food operation.”

Joint projects between Business Hawke’s Bay and Food Hawke’s Bay are being planned around angel investment and other commercial opportunities.

A page to explain joint roles and activity will be developed on both the Food Hawke’s Bay and Business Hawke’s Bay websites, confirming who a business should contact and why.

It is anticipated that the role of Business Hawke’s Bay food network facilitator will be expanded to enable greater growth, with Lyn Cheyne opting to leave the role.

Lyn has accepted a position with the Wanganui District Council as marketing and promotions manager, starting at the end of October.

“There have been positive and tangible gains made in the nine months I have been in the role, particularly in regards to businesses joining up to the successful high performance work initiative (HPWI).

“It will be great to see the position expand to best support food and beverage businesses and maximise Hawke’s Bay’s potential in this sector,” Lyn said.

HPWI aims to increase productivity and now includes six local food and beverage businesses.

The high results being achieved by Hawke’s Bay businesses taking part in HPWI has led to the region being held up as a, nationwide, best practice example.