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Making the move - from Sydney to Hawke's Bay

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Kate de Lautour

Paul Greaves and his wife Jane made the move from Sydney to Hawke’s Bay in 2008 following crippling commercial rent hikes in the Aussie city and a pace of life that was far from ideal for a family with a passion for bikes.

Living and working around Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Paul was the franchise manager for well-known bakery chain, Deli France.

“We were paying a “monza” for rent and those prices are really killing Sydney now,” Paul explains.

Deciding that it was time to leave, the couple did their homework on where to relocate. Having grown up in Auckland, Paul remembered a life where bikes were a part of life for families.

“We’re really keen on motorbikes and pushbikes and Auckland seemed like a good option, but when we looked at it, the traffic was a negative.

“We saw an opportunity in Hawke’s Bay and took it and haven’t looked back and the bike trails here are second to none – the councils have done a really good job.”

 A Ducati parked outside marks the spot where the family has set up their business – Adoro Café, on Hastings Street, in Napier.

Café-goers enjoy the sunny, friendly atmosphere, sensational food (pastries imported from France are out of this world) and Paul loves the chance to say “gidday” to all of them.

“We often know what customers want before they’ve asked for it, and knowing them so well - that’s a great way to run a business,” Paul says.

Lining the café’s walls, are shiny tins of tea – in an extensive array of flavours. Paul is the New Zealand agent for TWG Tea, a premium brand from Singapore.

“It’s quite something,” he says, “that in London, Harrods are the agent, and in New Zealand, it’s Adoro Café in Napier, Hawke’s Bay.”

The tea has a serious following. It’s the tea being served at Huka Lodge for example, and Paul knows he’s onto a good thing.

“Ideally, in the future we would look to grow to have a wholesale shop for the tea at the back of the retail store, incorporating a tea salon, alongside the coffee.”

As the business grows, the proximity to Napier Port will be a huge advantage.

“We’re finding the freight links excellent with Mainfreight and when we start to move containers of tea, we couldn’t be in a better situation.”

 And Paul has had a hand in attracting another couple to the Bay. Sasha Williams moved here with her partner from Tauranga, to work as pastry chef at Adoro.

“They were looking to move from Tauranga to somewhere more vibrant and I think they’ve found what they wanted here.”