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ICEHOUSE launch date confirmed - Michaela Vodanovich to explore options

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Kate de Lautour

Listed by Forbes.com as one of the top ten business incubators in the world, The ICEHOUSE Business Growth Centre is coming to Hawke’s Bay, with a formal launch to be held on April 18th.

In a coup for the region, the business hub in Hawke’s Bay will be the first base outside of Auckland for The ICEHOUSE .

The Hawke’s Bay project is being managed by business leader and former Hawke’s Bay local Peter Wogan with a number of businesses already engaged in talks regarding provision of services or a desire to be involved with programmes to grow their business.

“The aim is to offer a range of tailored programmes provided by a mix of local resources - and partnering with local business service providers - backed by the experience of The ICEHOUSE to help business owners succeed.”

For more details on The ICEHOUSE, please contact Peter Wogan

[email protected]

021 801 440



Michaela Vodanovich to work with The ICEHOUSE


Business Hawke’s Bay business development manager Michaela Vodanovich will step down from her current role with a view to exploring options around the establishment of The ICEHOUSE in Hawke’s Bay.

Ms Vodanovich will also look to work with other local companies requiring support or assistance around performance improvement.

Business Hawke’s Bay chairman Stuart Mclauchlan said the move was a positive step for local businesses.

“Michaela will be able to utilize her proven training and facilitation skills to ensure that the momentum established by Business Hawkes Bay is continued and strengthened within our business community.”

Ms Vodanovich’s move will free up the business development manager’s role to focus on attracting new business to the region and improving the environment for current businesses.

Mr Mclauchlan said Ms Vodanovich would continue to work with Business Hawke’s Bay on a contractual basis while a new person was being recruited.

“We are very pleased to have the benefit of Michaela’s input over the coming months and we wish her the very best for the future.”

Chamber president Katja Williams said the recruitment process for a new CEO for Business Hawke’s Bay and the Chamber of Commerce was currently also underway.

“We have the opportunity to introduce two new staff with complementary skills to the region’s business hub, to gain the best outcome for business in the Bay,” Ms Williams said.