Airport Business Park

Hawke's Bay Airport Business Park

Land your business in one of New Zealand's most desirable locations and become part of a world-class development.

Hawke's Bay Airport Business Park offers an exceptional setting for both commercial and aeronautical businesses with a greenfield site overlooking pristine wetlands.

There is no better time to relocate your business and start enjoying the great lifestyle that Hawke's Bay has to offer.

Infrastructure and services

The Airport has an excellent existing infrastructure base including a modern terminal building, a 1,750m x 45m wide runway capable of receiving A320/737 class jet aircraft and substantial spare land for the development of aeronautical and commercial businesses.

Air New Zealand provides frequent daily direct flights from Hawke's Bay to the Country's main centres and flight charter companies based at the Airport offer direct flights to and from other destinations in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the west coast of America.

Benefits for Clients

  • Choice of location
  • Design build options to suit
  • Superior location
  • Industrial and commercial
  • Profile opportunities

Twenty hectares of land to the south of the terminal and main carpark is designated for the Business Park. With the first stage of the development open, the Airport Company has invested over $4 million in infrastructure including roading, full services, a dedicated new power supply and an ultra-fast fibre technology network.


Contact Olivia Pierre, Aeronautical and Infrastructure Manager at Hawke's Bay Airport for more details.


Hawke's Bay Airport is situated just north of Napier adjacent State Highway 2 and provides a central location to:

  • Port of Napier – 10 minutes
  • Napier CBD – 10 minutes
  • Hastings – 25 minutes
  • Central Hawke's Bay and Wairoa – 60 to 90 minutes

Hawke's Bay Airport

As the gateway to Hawke's Bay is one of the busiest airports in New Zealand with over 450,000 passengers a year and approximatively 300,000 visitors. Passenger growth has averaged 6% per annum over the last decade with strong projections ahead.


  • Significantly lower cost structure when compared to main centre locations
  • Customer focussed Port, located close to the national shipping line
  • Cost effective distribution to international, North and South Island locations (rail, sea and road)
  • Skilled and stable workforce
  • Shorter delivery time from Port to distribution centres
  • Significant Business Support Network for local businesses