If you are thinking about building, then we hope you will consider Hawke's Bay as the ideal location.

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Relocate and Build in Hawke's Bay - You're worth it!

Let the Build in Hawke's Bay team do all the hard work for you. From finding the most suitable build package, providing options for your educational requirements, to assisting you in finding employment, let us help you to make Hawke's Bay your new home.

We make relocation a breeze. Our confidential, free service provides all the information and support you need to help make the move to Hawke's Bay, EASY.


FREE BATHROOM OR KITCHEN PRODUCTS - Offer applies to selected suppliers or builders. Please ask when you make an initial inquiry with the approved Build in Hawke's Bay partners. 


Just consider what Hawke's Bay can offer you and your family:

  • Quality build options and competitive prices
  • A fun, relaxed lifestyle
  • A Mediterranean climate
  • Excellent education facilities and schools
  • Pristine gold sand beaches


Hawke's Bay: Imagine it, Build it, Live it, Love it